GCW Presents: Rise of the King News

GCW Presents: Rise of the King was full of surprises from the abduction and disappearance of GCW owner Jack Stone and the crowning of the Heavyweight Champion this was a night to be remembered. 

After learning that Ace Dalton, former member of LoonAcey and one half of the Tag Team Champions would no longer be a member of Golden State Championship Wrestling, Omega cashed in their #1 contendership and challenged Looney for the titles. After a hard fought battle Looney went on to retain the Tag Team Championship and that is when General Manager Bryan Baldwin can out to make the announcement that Looney would have to find not 1 but 2 partners as he was making the Tag Team Championship and Trios Championship that would be defended by 3 men. Omega demanded a rematch under the new rules and the General Manager accepted, giving Looney 2 months to find new partners for the title defense in April.

During Intermission Looney attacked GCW owner Jack Stone before a shocked crowd and disappearing with him before anyone can do anything to stop him. General Manager Bryan Baldwin then took over the show to continue while also leading the search for Jack. The tournament continued after intermission with what should have been a match between Journey Fatu and Austin Grayson. Journey was nowhere to be found so instead of taking a bi-round Austin issued an open challenge to anyone in the back and was answered by Cameron Parks own Patrick Fitzpatrick. After a hard found match in which Austin prevailed he continued on to face Sir Samurai in the Semi-Finals.

An injured Christian Skye faced Sledge in the Semi Finals. Christian Skye fought bravely but was no match for Sledge who dominated him and moved on the final match. Sir Samurai continued and Austin Grayson wrestled their semi finals match in which Sir Samurai won, leading directly into the final match of the night. Sledge entered the ring and just as the match was about to begin Journey Fatu arrived back stage demanding to be inserted into the match. General Manager Bryan Baldwin at first denied his entry until Journey provided undeniable proof that he had been communicating with Jack Stone before him disappearance and that Jack had ordered his entrance into the title match. Faced with this agreement between Journey and Jack, Bryan Baldwin was forced to insert Journey into the match.

The match devolved into a brutal 3 man street fight that left the ring and entered the audience several times with each man gaining the upper hand at different times. In the end it was Sledge who would emerge victorious and be crowned the Inaugural GCW World Heavyweight Champion.

General Manager Bryan Baldwin is currently looking into the whereabouts of Jack Stone and we will keep you posted with information as it becomes available. Our next live event is scheduled for April but in the meantime please check back often for more news and information.

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