Samoan Sap

Samoan Sap

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 425lbs




Samoan Sap receives his name from the citizens of America; his real name is Kah'risi Sapolu. He is the grandson of the late Saute Sapolu, the scholar who invented the short-hand writing system for all Samoans. Samoan Sap comes from a family-heraldry of Samoan success, he is also nephew to Manase "Jesse" Sapolu, the retired 4-time Superbowl champion-lineman of the San Francisco 49ers (#61), and his Aunt graces the world as Ms. Samoa of 1978. The need to succeed is the core epitome of every Sapolu, and Samoan Sap figuratively chooses the routes of both warrior and scholar. He goes into the square-ring to not only represent his culture but to display "Da Powa of Samoa."

~Samoan Sap

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